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W. Whitfield Gardner

W. Whitfield Gardner, Chairman, 3D BioLabs, LLC
Whit Gardner founded Gardner Lewis Asset Management in 1990 and currently serves as its Chairman and CEO. His career spans both private and public markets, and he has spent 30 years investing across the capital structure in fundamentally researched start-up, emerging growth, and developed market companies. This includes billions of dollars deployed across the market cap spectrum in the healthcare space with concentration in products and services and focus on significant societal issues such as diabetes.


In addition to 3D Biolabs, Mr. Gardner has seeded a number of healthcare start-ups as well as companies in the technology sector, where he has also spent considerable time. Mr. Gardner has served on the boards of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations, including several currently in healthcare.


In his earlier years, he was employed as a lead Portfolio Manager with Friess Associates and its Brandywine Fund, and as an Investment Analyst with Investments Orange Nassau, a Netherlands-based venture capital firm. Mr. Gardner began his investment career at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb (prior to the Shearson Merger).

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