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Our History

Milestones in Tissue Engineering and 3D BioLabs

3D BioLabs was formed in December 2015 to build upon the success of Dr. Vacanti’s decades of groundbreaking research while taking advantage of the rapid development of three-dimensional printing technology.  Funding for its research activities was provided by Gardner Lewis Ventures, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based fund with significant experience in the biotech field.  3D Biolabs core technology, virtually all of which resulted from Dr. Vacanti’s work at Harvard Medical School, was licensed from The General Hospital Corporation d/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital.

Virtually 100% of the company’s expenditures have been dedicated solely to research and the maintenance and growth of the company’s intellectual property portfolio.  Although the company believes its technology is applicable to multiple organs, to date 3D BioLabs has focused exclusively on liver tissue.  Research has progressed from in vitro to in vivio, first in rats and then in swine, with a major milestone recently achieved in demonstrating proof of concept of a tissue engineered liver in a large animal pig model.

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Dr. Joseph P. Vacanti, MD was recognized by the Regenerative Medicine Foundation in 2021 for his lifetime of dedication and contributions to the field over 38 years.  We hope you enjoy Dr. Vacanti's acceptance speech which details our company's mission and historical perspectives which led to the founding of 3D BioLabs.

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